ACT - visual effects and vistual reality labs

Virtual reality and visual effects

Here at the Academy of Creative Technologies from the Saxion University of Applied Sciences in Enschede we have a keen interest in all technologies involving VR, AR and VFX. Our lab focusses on putting theory into practical solutions and connecting students and teachers to professional partners for solving real world problems.

Virtual Reality symposium

Join us on the 10th of November for a day filled with virtual reality.

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Minor Immersive Media

Starting Februari 2018.

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Putting theory into practice

Exploring the cutting edge of VR and VFX.

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Virtual Reality and Visual Effects

Why and what we do

Given the current rise of VR, AR and its consequences for the Gaming and VFX industry we, as a School of Creative Technology see it as an obligation to ourselves to create a place where these technologies can be used to its full extent.

Our lab offers students, teachers and professional partners the opportunity to put theory into practice by developing and sharing knowledge, creating and testing new concepts, and connecting people for future endeavors.

For students

Our lab is accessible for student for the Saxion University of Applied Sciences for studying and working on VR and VFX related topics and projects. For this purpose we offer in depth specializations and a minor in the area of VR and VFX. Furthermore we challenge students to come up with their own projects and share their experience and knowledge with peers and tutors.

For teachers

For teachers and staff we offer the possibilities to explore VR and VFX for educational purposes either in lectures or for specializations. For those unfamiliar with VR we offer the possibility to get acquainted with this new medium.

For partners

Our lab has great interest in contacts with professional partners for connecting students to real world problems through research or design assignments. Furthermore we have great interest in the sharing of knowledge through workshops and lectures. Parties interested in cooperating can contact us through our contact page.